News making headlines this week

News making headlines week, courtesy of Acumen.

These are some of the news topics trending this week, courtesy of Tonya Khoury.

#AmINext converged with America’s #MeToo this week creating yet another international story that hit headlines across the world;

#Xenophobia took its ugly toll across the African continent and quickly became an international story over the past two weeks;

The data shows that the death of #RobertMugabe made a massive impact in SA, some messages are condolences and reference to the good work he did in the beginning of his term and then others focused on the atrocities under Mugabe’s regime

#HlaudiMotsoeneng left #JudgeZondo in stitches this week as one couldn’t help but laugh at the animation of his character.  Yet another day in court for #Hlaudi today;

Two awful stories crossed our charts #RIPNatasha, yet another slain woman and #DrosRape cast.  #Ninow pleaded guilty and now the wheels of justice are turning;

#StateCaptureInquiry also saw the testimony from the #SABC8 over and above the huge impact of #hlaudimotsoeneng

The #VBS bank scandal continues to haunt #Malema although he has denied all the allegations

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