How much is an aeroplane? A review of iBhanoyi by Blaq Diamond

I take “Uncle Sbu” to Victoria Girls’ High and share my thoughts on “Ibhanoyi”, a sizzling tune by the music duo, Blaq Diamond.

Ibhanoyi hit-makers, Blaq Diamond.

As well as a few thoughts on my Uncle Sbu reading at Victoria Girls’ High

Yesterday I went to Victoria Girls’ High to read parts of my fictional humour manuscript called Uncle Sbu.  One of the characters is eight-year-old Vusi. The story is set in Johannesburg, and while the character is Zulu and has moved from KwaZulu-Natal to Johannesburg when he was seven, he is a smart fellow. Too smart, I should say. And this was one of the points of contention the learners raised while we discussed the story. For the things he say, he should be a high school learner and maybe be 16-years-old, they say.

Victoria Girls’ High is in Grahamstown/Makhanda

I’m like: “Isn’t that what fiction is supposed to do?”

On the walls of their classroom – these grade nine learners – are Harry Potter and Tsotsi posters. I wasn’t expecting that. And one of the learners said the last book was a paranormal. So, I was quite taken aback why they couldn’t accept the smart Vusi to be young as he is. This is not the first time I had people say Vusi is smart for his age.

A paper with my prompts and some few creative writing exercises for the Grade 9 learners at Victoria Girls’ High. My bag is next to it on what must be a Harry Potter print.

Which brings me to the music duo Blaq Diamond. I came across their music later that day (yesterday) as I searched online for the top songs of 2019. (Their song iBhanoyi is on repeat as I write this sorta review).  

The video opens up with a small boy playing with a wire car. So much the difference for a song with the lyrics of a guy – or guys – saying they’ll buy the girlfriend an aeroplane.

While I listen to the song, I’m thinking: where would this fall under? Isn’t this fantasy? Of course, one has to understand the tradition of ukushela to understand the relevance of this song – or, I guess, the relevance of that promise.

But there are more questions. Why would you need to buy someone a plane? I mean, planes and fancy cars are stuff that music videos are made of. But, planes are associated with business people. It would also cost money to maintain planes. The song shies away from addressing these concerns, if they are concerns at all. But, then again, that’s not the purpose of the song. 

The song addresses something that’s important. For a woman we want or love, we want to do something that’s super. The one we love wants to hear these things. It’s a fantasy. A sweet fantasy. Now, no one will walk away from the song and say it’s too fantastic.

What’s going for the song is its beat and swooning voice of the duo.

It’s one of the best songs for 2019. It’s good to hear some guys sing.

It felt awesome to be in company of cultured students.

That said, it was awesome to hear what the learners thought about Vusi and his uncle.

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