Jumping into the journey of self-awareness

Lenerd Louw delves into the world of spirituality, sexuality and self-awareness.

Jump is about a successful millionaire entrepreneur who embarks on a journey of self-awareness, adventure and soul searching.

The author, Lenerd Louw, used to be a prominent CEO of the first direct life insurance company in South Africa. Lenerd was a smart, well-connected and ambitious man who is exactly where most of us wish to be in life, with the hopes of finding fulfillment in our existence.

The irony is, with all the success, the money, the women, the sex, the drugs – he reached a point in his life where he struggled to grasp the point of all his achievements. He felt empty. None of his worldly possessions fulfilled him anymore. He knew something was missing inside of him. His inner voice kept reiterating this every time he ignored it… until he couldn’t anymore. So he left it all behind. He followed The Voice (as he would call it). All his achievements – his breath-taking Cape Town house situated near the beach, his CEO position, his investments – he sold it all. He got rid of anything and everything that would tie him to Cape Town; anything that could pull him back. This was Lenerd’s first “jump”.

The more you read the book, the more you feel into the title of the book – it’s about taking a leap, asking no questions, following your intuition even if it makes no sense to you – just jump!

Lenerd took his first flight to South America with only a back pack, a small bag, questions and a mind open to learning.  This is when his journey started. Meeting new people, being in a different environment, forming no attachments and simply allowing nature, The Voice, to direct him to every destination.

The interesting thing about his soul-searching and spiritual awakening journey is that it centred a lot around sex. And he is very descriptive and explicit about it which can evoke some uncomfortableness – but it’s necessary.

When we think about the journey to self-awareness and soul searching, we never think about sex playing much of a role.  But it does. As he says, “we all come from sex”.

Lenerd takes us through his experience in a very informative and descriptive manner. While he shares each and every lesson, he explains it in detail, further educating the reader while actively taking you through it with him.

The most satisfying thing about reading Jump is that you get to see the growth in his journey; you see how much he has changed and is actively changing, how self-aware he is becoming, how connected he has become to his Voice and nature, and most importantly, how much has allowed all of this to guide him.

Jump is overwhelmingly informative. It is a book for everyone. We are all actively in search of something, regardless of where we are in the journey – because the journey never stops so long as you’re still breathing.

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