Greed or exploitation? Some harsh questions on Vatiswa Ndara’s tantrum

Is this a case of greed or exploitation? Our columnist says she should grow up.

Our cheeky new columnist gives veteran actress Vatiswa Ndara some free advice

Vatiswa Ndara wanted R700, 000 for a period of five weeks but the Fergusons disagreed and offered her R85, 000 which she rejected and made claims that the Fergusons were exploiting the actors that they employ.

Is this a case of greed or exploitation?

I think that she is lying because in all the years that the Fergusons have been employing actors, not one of them has ever said that they felt like they were being exploited.

Secondly, why has no other actor backed up her claims? It seems like she is the only one who feels like she is being exploited. No other actors have agreed or supported her claims.

Thirdly, why is she putting the blame only on the Fergusons when the Fergusons are a production company? Shouldn’t she have talked to the network as well and also shifted some of the blame as well?

Also, it seems that she was being unfair in asking for R700, 000.

I agree that she is talented, but the amount of money she asked for is very unreasonable, and it also seemed like she was not willing to negotiate. I feel like she could have at least have gotten R150, 000 from that deal if she had negotiated. She wasn’t willing to compromise and that shows that she is very hard to work with.

The original tweet that sent shock waves into the industry.

This whole scandal paints her out as a child throwing a tantrum because she couldn’t get what she wanted. She is just childish. There are a lot of people in this country without jobs who would have gladly taken the money that she was being offered and put it to good use.

And, it’s not like she doesn’t have money. She does. She has various other shows she is on. She was just being greedy. She should just grow up and be grateful for what she’s getting.

The Fergusons respond

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